Sunday, December 2, 2007

Double dogs and Double Decker...

Our week started with sad news that Mike's cousin, Mary, passed away after a lifelong battle with a childhood illness. She was only 37. Our thoughts all week were with Mike's aunt and uncle and with Mary's brother, Robert who lives in Austin. Mary led a courageous and admirable life always under extreme chronic pain. She was an inspiration to all that knew her. Robert was off for funeral arrangements, so that meant we get Ella, aka Smella, aka the Smellinator. Smells is like Frankenstein's monster. It's not her fault she is a gigantic, scary looking, mess making, can't be trusted off the leash, rottweiler. She just wants to curl up in Pancake's bed and smell the flowers.

Saturday we took the 2 dogs to the greenbelt. Pancake and I ran 7. It was great to do a Pancake run, as it had been a long time. Afterwards, the 2 dogs swam, and got good and dirty. The both were exhausted. Mission accomplished.

Today, got up at 330 to get Mike to the airport, took a little 45 minute snooze, and then got picked up for the Double Decker. now it is not that long (24.8), but I figured miles of hills under what are always tough conditions would be a good Bandera prep. Steve was gracious enough to agree to run with me. The weather looked rough: 80 and humid! we started out with a goal of 9 minute miles of loop one. I felt the need to be conservative, because if the sun came out (and it did), this was going to be one hot mutha ------. We stayed around 8:45s for loop one, and crossed the finish only to head back out with the mere 20 of us doing this silly thing. As it got hotter, the road kill started smelling a lot worse and the legs hurtin' up those hills a lot more. There was a porta-potty at mile 1 (aka mile 13) I begged Steve to wait for me if I dashed in. Steve said he would, but, would keep walking so he wouldn't "stove up" (I guess this is a small town Texas term, Wesley uses, as in "Keep moving and do a cool down, don't wanna stove up". I caught back up to Steve and found the HCTR angels at mile 2 (aka 14) with a full ultra aid station: cokes, ice, and full service! A cold coke was great, and we motored on. We decided to power walk some hills by mile 4 (aka 16). around here, Steve started to "stove up". Miles 5-8 (aka 17-20), were marked by a lot of walking. Steve got irritated with me and begged me to forge ahead. So, I did. I felt good and went for a strong run. The sun was out and it was hot, hot, hot. Afterall, my goal today was to get my ass kicked. I had a strong finish, and waited for other friends to finish, since the finish line was sparse. Steve made it in, and we were off pretty quick. I actually got a little sunburnt on the backs of my arms. Funny, last week I ran a 10K in the low 30s. Now I have a sunburn. Only in texas. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold.

It was a nice confidence building run. I only can hope Moogy and I have as good of a weekend next weekend. To bandera I say, "bring it!"


Mark said...

Clea is being her typically modest self here. What she neglects to tell you is that she won the race. With her strong finish, she took the lead for good in the final mile. That's two wins in the last couple of weeks.
Ladies, watch out for her at Bandera.

clea said... are too kind. It ain't an ultraman, but it's a start!

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